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(a.k.a MCevil Net - the Home of Fellow Civil Engineers)
(a.k.a Civil 6Fook, Engine 4Bo and Team Upsilon Photo Album)

More Wellingtonian Fun @ Auckland (11/10/2008)
Fun with Chills + Vomit + Diarrhea

Wellingtonian Fun @ Auckland (25/07/2008)
A Wellingtonian back to the Chinese land..
Planning for.. "Dark Jiu Returns".....

Purple Day (15/12/2007)

Celebration for Uncle Shrimp!!
Now what's happened to the quality of photos?? Hmm..

ChinChin Tan Jou Bi (11/08/2007)

Boku no chinchin oo kii desu ne!

Postgraduate Fun (04/05/2007)

A good refreshing time for the real engineers

Graduation! (03/05/2007)
The day has finally arrived! 4 Years gone..

Civil Class Photo Take 2 (17/10/2006)
Civil 6Fook shots

3Fook Transport Team in Action (16/09/2006)

Medicating Tamaki Drive Averill Ave Intersection

Civil Class Photo Take 1 (07/08/2006)

Team Upsilon Meeting @ Constellation Drive (11/11/2005)

Kwan D's Birthday Yum Cha (30/09/2005)

Kwan D's Birthday Party (10/09/2005)

P Doi's Birthday Fun @ Engine Lab (29/08/2005)

Civil Fashion Show (20/08/2005)

Sometimes it's not just about engineering..

Hamilton Lunch (19/08/2005)
Checking out Level of Service of SH1

Vector Arena and Auckland Museum Site Visits (19/08/2005)
Cool cranes, Big Bus, Arena Arena, 1929 and 2006 Cross-over.

Britomart Car Show (13/08/2005)

Engine 4Bo Car Show, featuring Astra RACE

Davenport 4Bo Trip (29/07/2005)

Beautiful snapshots of Auckland's landmarks! (From the Other Side)

Wanders of Auckland CBD (28/07/2005)

Beautiful snapshots of Auckland's landmarks!

Team Upsilon @ Kaiaua (22/07/2005)
First Meeting with Fish n Chips

Fletcher Propaganda (15/04/2005)

Beautiful Ladies, Delicious Food, Dual-Pipe Astra, What Can You Say?

KCRC Contribution (12/2004)
Summer students contributing to the train network of Kowloon Canton

Deep Meaningful Essays from ex-KCRC Employees (14/03/2005)

Very Deep Meaning man..

Civil Class Photo (01/10/2004)

Handsome and Pretty Civil Students

Kwan D's Birthday 2004 (01/10/2004)
Birthday Lunch @ LaPochetta

P Doi's Mexican Birthday (29/08/2004)

Look at his lovely smile~

Aii~~ Civil.. Hear our songs man..

McWarriors (30/06/2004)
The birth of four McWarriors

Field Trip - Eastern Beach (26/03/2004)

Geology field trip @ Eastern Beach, very informative page!

Field Trip - Auckland Domain (24/03/2004)
Land Info field trip @ Auckland Domain

Chiu~ (17/03/2004)

Ocean Park in Hong Kong (09/12/2003)

The long search for sunshine..

Fun on Last Day (08/11/2003)

"Bill Kill" Vol. 1 Revolution!

Engine Year One Dinner (26/10/2003)
Year One Engineers dinner @ Hees Garden

Engine Year One Yum Cha (24/10/2003)

Last Day of Engineering Year One Lunch @ Lotto Restaurant

BonBon's Birthday 2003 (09/10/2003)

Birthday Dinner @ Ai-Sushi

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